So a few days ago, we published a heartbreaking story about the tragic loss of Dalton Prager - he passed at age 25 from genetic chronic illness Cystic Fibrosis

He was married to Katie Prager, who also had Cystic Fibrosis - they met online when they were 18, and risked their lives to meet in person. 

They fell in love, and both spoke of how it was worth the risk:

"I told Dalton I’d rather be happy — like really, really happy — for five years of my life and die sooner than be mediocre happy and live for 20 years," said Katie.

"That was definitely something I had to think about, but when you have those feelings, you just know."

Now, we're devastated to have to tell you that Katie has passed away, just days after her husband. 

Her mother published a post on their public page, stating that Katie had passed peacefully, comfortable in her own bed, surrounded by family:

"Early this morning, she gained her wish of being at home, in her bed, surrounded by her mom, dad, brother and her dogs, dying peacefully, away from the hospital, tubes, IVs. 

I know Dalton was waiting with open arms."

This is Katie and Dalton on their wedding day, five years ago:

And this is the last photo of them ever taken together, on their wedding anniversary in July this year:

Rest in Peace angels; now you can be together always.

Source: Facebook.