If the ultimate goal of art is to get people talking about your work at all costs, then... well... mission accomplished, we guess.

Melbourne meme painter/IRL shitposter lushsux has made a name for himself as of late by painting the visage of whoever's gracing the front page of News.com.au today on walls across the city, and then going back later to add memes to it or make it racist or something like that. Y'know, because ~art~, etc.

His latest creation is a very large portrait of One Nation senator Pauline Hanson's smiling face set against a flapping Australian flag. A straightforward piece of artwork that evokes images of Pauline Hanson and not much else.

See the caption, guys? He does not give a fuck. Not one.

The mural, on a wall in the south-eastern Melbourne of Windsor, has apparently drawn complaints from "residents" who, should they actually exist, presumably piped up because they don't want to gaze into a senator's mug on their morning commute. Which is, y'know, fair enough.

Regardless, as a result of these complaints, lushsux has now gone back over his handiwork for a second draft, this time putting Hanson in a hijab.

E D G Y.

For what it's worth, lushsux's previous big, notable work - the Kanye/Kim/T-Swift 'Famous' mural in Cremorne - has been ever-so-slightly defaced by an intrepid someone; Kim Kardashian's 6-foot-tall left buttock is now emblazoned with the crudely written phrase "big booby bum."

We repeat: ~art~.

Photo: lushsux/Instagram.