Nine months ago, the death of British man David Bulmer-Rizzi in Adelaide left husband Marco totally unmentioned on his death certificate. Today, Marco is back in South Australia, to see a new bill enter parliament: one that proposes an official register of same-sex relationships, so nobody else has to suffer the same ordeal. 

“It’s exciting to have his identity recognised, and an incredible day because what I hoped to do, which is to prevent other couples from going through the same, is hopefully one step closer to becoming reality,"
Marco told The Guardian this morning.

ICYMI, Premier Jay Weatherill took action in January to amend the "never married" classification on Bulmer-Rizzi's death certificate, but Assistant Minister to the Premier Katrine Hildyard today said "relationships registers in place will mean that couples - same-sex couples and other couples - will be able to be afforded some rights" as straight couples.

Rights like, you know, having legitimate marriages recognised in official documentation. Hildyard also said 
"his tragic story actually really brings to life why we need this bill in place."

Although Bulmer-Rizzi said "it’s very difficult on a personal level" to revisit Adelaide, he praised the SA government for its continual action, saying 
“I’m very grateful for all the support that I got back when I needed the most.”

On his push for recognition, he concluded “if I can add my voice and help same-sex couples be recognised in the eyes of the law, that’s something I’m honoured to do.”

Just think: none of this would've happened if we had plain ol' marriage equality, but it's nice to know some pollies are trying to make things a bit better for LGBTQIA+ Aussies and visitors to our fair land.

Source: The Guardian / ABC. 
Photo: Facebook.