Do you always end up paying for dinner on your card and everyone agreeing to give you cash but then... they don't?

Never fear - ol' mate Facebook's got you covered. At least, they will soonish. 

Facebook Messenger is currently rolling out a test of a payment feature in the US, which will help you get your dinner $$$ back from friends in the most passive-aggressive way possible. 

So, what will happen is whenever you say variations of a phrase like 'IOU' / 'i owe you', a rather large and slightly threatening button will appear under the message, saying 'PAY NOW'. 

Somewhat intimidating, no? But hey - bitch gotta get that money. 

The feature looks like this:

The feature is officially called 'Chat Assist'

Another feature that's being tested is the polling feature, to help you and your 'god I hope no one else sees this' group chats can keep track of important group decisions. 

For example, dinner plans:

If you wanna read more about 'Chat Assist', you can do that here:

Remember, it's only in the US rn. There's no word yet on whether it'll be coming to Australian users anytime soon, but we'll let you know. 

Us humble Aussies gotta keep using our probably-just-as-simple internet banking apps in the meantime. UGH.

Source: Facebook
Photo: BBHMM / Facebook