Bit of background. You're no doubt aware that Kevin Rudd is very, very mad that Malcolm Turnbull ended up nixing his bid to become the Secretary-General of the United Nations. He was very strong on this. He was ratfucked, by his own admission.

If there's one thing Kevin Rudd is very good at it, it's unleashing weapons-grade bitterness in front of a television camera. Nobody is quite as good at projecting pure, white-hot rage months and months after he is betrayed as Rudd.

Exhibit A is his obvious bitterness at seeing Turnbull hobnob around with the heavy-hitters at the special summit on refugees in New York City. Just look at him. Listen to him.

Listen to the sheer, inhuman malice when he says "He's got the authority to do that". Phwoar. Forget wind energy – we could power the entire country off Rudd's simmering rage alone.

Source: TODAY.