Jessy Cameron
Director - Molten Store
My name is Jessy Cameron and eight months ago I launched Molten Store, an online destination for purveyors of otherworldly jewellery and curious gifts.

Not many people know but I can...

...create an enviable menagerie of balloon animals.

At the moment I'm listening to...

...The Hungry Kids of Hungary, on repeat. I'm digging their homegrown Beach Boys kind of vibe.

The craziest thing I've done for love is...

... learnt another language; communicating with smiles can only get me so far!

The best advice I've ever received was...

...Don't let perfect get in the way of better.

My weakness has always been...

...the mad ones, the vagabonds, the revolutionaries… I'll linger for conversation with anyone who inspires me.

You'll never catch me...

...turning in early; my inspirations often strike late at night.

My current goal is...

... to launch a line of jewellery by September. Ideas have always burnt in the back of my mind but last month I finally put pencil to paper and sketched.

The best way to impress me is...

...with kindness and charisma.

Am a 25 year old artist and project manager. I run the youth project at MusicNSW called Indent where we provide funding, advice and resources to young people wanting to find out more about the contemporary music industry. I also manage two INCREDIBLE bands megastick fanfare and Melodie Nelson.
MY NAME IS PAX woah caps sorry... Paxi I make Viszualizashionsz! Spektakularrr! for the MTV and the ever profitable Music business and now for whoever will pay me the DoLLA®$ .
Copywriter. Bit shy but fun! Love surf, sun and summer!