Elissa Sursara



Elissa Sursara is an Aussie ecologist and media personality living a life of big shark diving, tiger tracking and insane wildlife rescue. She just returned from 5 months in Antarctica protecting Australian whales with Sea Shepherd.

STARSIGN: Aquarius

Elissa Sursara
Elissa Sursara
Elissa Sursara
Elissa Sursara
Elissa Sursara
Elissa Sursara

In 3 words, my mates would describe me as...

adventurous, compassionate, creative.

The fictional character I best relate to is...

Wonder Woman, if she recycled.

At the moment I'm listening to...

Bankrupt! by Phoenix. They've got a quirky indie rock sound, and Thomas Mars is a big fan of Otis Redding, which makes me a big fan of Thomas Mars.

I think Reality TV is...

only good if I'm on it! So watch me on Whale Wars, Wednesday nights at 7PM on Animal Planet.

Do not even get me started on...

people who take too many pictures of themselves!

I'm scared of...

the dark (and clowns). Clowns in the dark are my worst nightmare.

With my last $50 I would buy...

a symbolic adoption for a needy species through WWF Australia. It's a great way to help tigers and other animals facing extinction.

Not many people know but I can...

cook! I love Thai and Indian cuisines, so most of my cooking is with fresh vegetables, spices, coconut creams and ginger.