About Pedestrian.tv

Pedestrian is Australia’s fastest growing publishing brand. We help advertisers create innovative, engaging and effective campaigns that reach over 1million young Australians. 

Pedestrian launched in 2005 with the world’s first Plastizine. A bi-monthly 60min DVD magazine. Our first entrepreneurial expedition helped uncover some of the world’s biggest talent and answered burning questions like can Miranda Kerr play piano? 

In 2008 we were seduced by the internet and launched our 24/7 home www.pedestrian.tv We give your brand the keys to the house of pop culture as we uncover the new of music, fashion, media, sport, travel & social events. 

Pedestrian’s jobs site is now helping young Australians find their dream jobs at companies like Sass & Bide, Universal Music and The Iconic. Pedestrian.tv puts your brand in front of 1million young Australians. 

Our audience is 16 to 35, affluent, influential and hungry for new information and experiences. We have over 200,000 combined subscribers across our Daily EDM, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. 

Pedestrian’s grown so rapidly that in both 2012 and 2013 we not only placed on the BRW Fast 100 list but also went head-to-head against the likes of Channel Nine and Foxtel as a finalist in the Mumbrella Awards Media Brand of the year category. 

Brands such as LG, Myer and Ben Sherman have developed integrated partnerships with Pedestrian that go far beyond traditional advertising. 

We re-located the entire Pedestrian office to the middle of Westfield Sydney for a week and ran our whole business using just an LG Smart phone to test how smart it really was. The campaign was smart enough to win a 2012 MFA award. 

Pedestrian created The Miss Shop Blogger Project for Myer. Shooting Australia’s top 15 Fashion Bloggers and touring the world’s most popular style blogger to Sydney & Melbourne for the first time ever. 

In 2014 we worked with Ben Sherman and Art Vs Science to launch Open Studio. A hand-built recording studio open to the public in which we created the world’s first completely collaborative track that was then released to radio, itunes, streaming services and the ARIA charts. 

Pedestrian helps the likes of Intel, BMW Mini, Lipton Ice Tea and Contiki reach young Australians by partnering with our unique content initiatives. These include the Pedestrian.tv Bachelorette of the Year, The Blogster Awards, our Startup creative talks series and annual Photography Awards. Each initiative generates up to a million dollars of media value. 

Pedestrian also helps brands create their own channels and content. Since June 2009 we’ve managed Sportsgirl’s online content and social media. We’ve increased online sales and grown their Facebook page from 0 to more than 200,000 ‘likes’ Our content production for Honda Jazz, Sprite and V Energy Drink has notched up over 10million views across Youtube. It’s helped the likes of Naked & OMD win the AdNews media campaign of the year and the MFA Grand Prix. Pedestrian’s unique understanding of content, culture and media means we can help your brand truly connect with its audience. We don’t make ads we create entertainment and we can’t wait to work with you. 

“Don’t Forget to Smile!